Mission Station E22

This work takes as it’s starting point the enigma of the “number stations”; shortwave radio stations which have been transmitting encrypted and undetectable messages in voice and tonal form since WWII up to the present day. The sources of these transmissions and their intended recipients remain unknown due to the nature of the medium. The “objects” within the work are intended to engage the viewer in a similar fashion being suggestive of a code that resists breaking and exchanges of forces of resistance and power. It also in part continues an exploration into epistemological histories, counter cultural activities, the clandestine and outsider presence. The work continues an on-going series conceived as self-contained systems with shared characteristics and implied and inter-connecting narratives.


Materials used include video, sound, resin and cast resin holy statue, magnets, iron dust, iron rod, tuning forks, teeth, perspex, car spoiler, exotherm, wood, oxidised plaster, fluorescent tubes.