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A schizophrenic with a Napoleon complex is given a lie-detector test and when asked "are you Napoleon"? replies "no". The machine registers a lie.

The title Ink Mathematics is taken from a song by Captain Beefhart. Like some Dadaist art Beefhart's work is anti-rational and deliberately obtuse. His use of split tense and fractured musical form amount to a kind of anti-rhythm. Abnormalities of the electrical rhythms of the brain, a less than average control over immediate impulse, defects of nature as well as nurture, a tendency to take phantasy for fact, an uncertainty over ones actual identity are the hallmarks of psychopathic behaviour.


Looking at the central theme of fire as a fundamental tool for play and experimentation, and as a powerful human attractor and agent for arousal Ink Mathematics borrows texts from P.K.Dick, Herbert Huncke and Patrick Hamilton as points of departure.