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Certain thieves of whom Genet writes sit down and eat in the kitchen of the house they are robbing, or they defecate or vomit


over the money they take from the drawer. After this destruction another destructive act follows in the conversion of the value of


an object from a use value to a value of exchange. Theft results, thus, in the radical destruction of the stolen object, the


disorganisation of the values of usefulness and sentimental association, an impoverishment of the world. Our acts sketch our form


on being, the created object presents its creator to himself in an objective dimension. In creation I am really exteriorised amongst


beings in the world: in destruction the universe is reabsorbed into me.


Headfirst is the work of a thief who violates space robbing it of value, secretly revealing and paying homage to the totality of


value of which that space is a part.